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Sound business practices combined with the expertise of seasoned professionals and the convenience of modern cash management technology empowers your business. Your acumen drives the success of your business every day. Incorporating Allegheny Valley Bank into your team enhances your financial well-being by saving time for you so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.


We offer a variety of services to fit your business needs and we deliver the product that is… right for you.


For more information about any of our Cash Management Services, please call Cash Management Customer Support
at 412-684-1082 or email



Account Analysis

Account Analysis rewards your business with earnings credits to off-set some or all of your account activity, based on your average collected balances.


A checking target balance can be assigned to off-set fees for service enhancements, like Deposit Xpress, ACH Transactions and Online Wire Transfers so you can enjoy additional convenience. Simplify administrative processes with less or no out-of-pocket fees!



Sweep Accounts

Save time by eliminating the need to calculate and manually transfer funds between your business checking and savings accounts. With a sweep account linked to your checking account, excess funds will automatically be invested into an interest-bearing account selected by you. The system will manage cash flow to save you time, and your business will maximize earnings!

Money Market Sweep

With a Money Market Sweep, a checking target balance is calculated and assigned based on a review of your account activity. Each day excess funds over the target balance will sweep daily to a bank money market account. Interest is accrued daily and credited to your account monthly. Six sweeps back to checking are permitted per month due to Reg D. Your target balance will be assigned and reviewed periodically to ensure compliance with this government requirement. Your funds will remain liquid without sacrificing returns. Interest rate tiers reward you with more interest for higher balances.

Repurchase Transaction Sweep

A Repurchase Transaction Sweep accommodates daily automatic sweeping to and from your checking account. A target balance is optional. All or excess funds over a target balance will sweep into an overnight investment purchased by Allegheny Valley Bank on your behalf and backed by a government agency or security. Allegheny Valley Bank will repurchase your investment each day and pay you interest that will post to your account daily.


A target balance can be set on analysis checking accounts to off-set monthly maintenance and per item activity fees, or you may choose an account debit.



Zero Balance Accounts

If you have multiple locations or accounts but like to pay bills and/or invest centrally, Zero Balance Accounts might be a solution for you. Each location can deposit to a separate account and the funds will automatically sweep to your main account.


Checks can be written on any account in the ZBA relationship, and funds will automatically sweep to the account where they are needed to pay items presented. This sweep function eliminates overdrafts as long as the primary account is properly funded. A sweep account can be linked to your main account, if excess funds exist, to automatically maximize earnings.


A target balance can be set on analysis checking accounts to off-set monthly maintenance and per item activity fees, or you may choose an account debit.



Deposit Xpress

Deposit XpressImagine being able to deposit a check 24/7 from anywhere to Allegheny Valley Bank. Deposit Xpress gives you the ability to deposit checks into your bank account from your office to minimize trips to the bank. Scan your checks and transmit the check images to Allegheny Valley Bank through a secure internet connection. Our web-based software is easy to use and is password protected for security.


Deposit Xpress is the ultimate in convenience to save you both time and money. Make your deposit any time of the day with no need to rush to the bank before closing! Gain access to your money sooner by depositing checks the same day they are received. Checks deposited by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time are available the next business day. Plus, you can view and print check images, access deposit history and import data. Allegheny Valley Bank provides personalized support, software and scanners based on qualifying average collected balances.


A target balance can be set on analysis checking accounts to off-set monthly maintenance and per item activity fees, or you may choose an account debit.



ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Initiate funds transfers online to transmit electronically in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system versus paper checks to:

  • Collect receivables faster and improve cash flow with ACH debits
  • Make payroll and other payments faster and save on postage and paper costs with ACH credits
  • Move funds between accounts with the same or different employee Identification Numbers (EIN) at the same bank or between different banks with ACH Transfers

Send your information via Allegheny Valley Bank’s software templates, send your own files or use a third party vendor. We’ll take it from there! Your instructions will be carried out via the ACH system and the appropriate accounts will be debited and credited. Your information is secure and dual control is available as an additional internal precaution.



A target balance can be set on analysis checking accounts to off-set monthly maintenance and per item activity fees, or you may choose an account debit.



Business Online Services

Free Business Online Banking and Bill Pay provide 24-hour access to your account information with secure multifactor authentication including:

  • View bank statements and check images
  • View Cash Position Report and receive balance notification
  • Perform online transfers between Allegheny Valley Bank accounts
  • Utilize Online Bill Pay
  • Place stop payments online
  • Reorder checks

FREE Business Online Bill Pay

Business Online Bill Pay offers great benefits such as:

  • Easy 24-hour access through your online banking log-in
  • The ability to pay your business bills online, without writing checks or paying postage

Click here to enroll or contact your local branch

Online Wire Transfers

Send or receive funds safely and quickly with Allegheny Valley Bank wire transfers. We offer both domestic and international wire transfers. For added convenience, you may wish to initiate wires online from your office.


A target balance can be set on analysis checking accounts to off-set monthly maintenance and per item activity fees, or you may choose an account debit.



Visa Business Debit Cards

Allegheny Valley Bank’s Visa Business Debit Card will save you time and money and will help you manage your finances. It’s linked to your Allegheny Valley Bank checking account, so when you make a purchase, the amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. Best of all, there are no finance charges.


Order cards for yourself and your employees, and use them everyday and everywhere — you can make purchases at millions of locations worldwide. You’ll receive an itemized listing of all transactions on your monthly statement. Other great benefits include:

  • Provides an alternative option for making deposits at any ATM
  • Quickly make purchases in person, by phone, or online
  • Use the card for everyday business expenses, to eliminate the need for a petty cash account.
  • Receive a full list of all transactions on your monthly statement so you can monitor employee spending

Download your Business Debit Card Application and Agreement and return them to your local office.



Corporate Credit Cards

Allegheny Valley Bank’s Visa Corporate Credit Card assigns your business a credit limit which you can allocate to individual employee cards. Unlike the debit card, the funds do not come directly out of your checking account. You will receive a monthly billing statement. Other great benefits include:

  • No Annual Fee
  • Earn Rewards - For each dollar you pay back monthly, you earn a dollar in points that can be redeemed for great prizes.
  • Quickly make purchases in person, by phone or online
  • Receive individual monthly statements for each employee’s expenses


Check Images Opt Out

To Opt-Out of receiving check images with your paper statement, click here and complete the submission.


Did you know that you can receive check images for free with e-Statements?  Just simply click on the “Accounts” tab on the online banking toolbar.  Select “Account Statement” to complete the enrollment process.  Not enrolled in online banking?  It’s fast, free and easy to sign up.  Enroll now.  You’ll be set up in minutes!