Deposit Xpress (Remote Deposit)

With Allegheny Valley Bank’s Deposit Xpress, you can deposit checks 24/7 into your bank account from your office and minimize trips to the bank.

Simply scan your checks and transmit the check images to Allegheny Valley Bank through a secure internet connection. Our web-based software is easy to use and is password-protected for security.

  • Gain access to your money sooner by depositing checks the same day they are received. Checks deposited by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time will be available the same business day.
  • Detailed reports, audit logs and images of deposited items are also available.
  • Allegheny Valley Bank provides personalized support, software and scanners based on qualifying average collected balances. 1

1 Deposit Xpress service is offered to companies who qualify, which includes a discretionary daily deposit limit. Funds availability is not guaranteed in all circumstances. The Bank reserves the right to restrict funds availability in accordance with Federal Regulations.  Limits and fees will be outlined in Remote Deposit Service agreement.