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VISA Check Debit Card

The card that is better than checks, credit cards and cash. The only one card you need to make purchases or get cash. It replaces your check book and credit card. It is a quick and easy way to pay for purchases and services that are directly deducted from your checking account. Your VISA Check Debit Card is accepted anywhere VISA is accepted. It is the fastest and safest way to access your money no matter where you are. You can even make payments by phone or online. In addition, AVB is a member of Freedom ATM Alliance, which gives you access to over 275 surcharge-free ATMs. With your bank as a FREEDOM ATM ALLIANCE member, you gain a surcharge-free ATM network offering more than 600 ATMs!

MasterCard / VISA Credit Cards

Accepted by retailers around the world, our credit cards have a competitive interest rate, no annual or no hidden fees.

On-line Banking and Bill Pay

Have the convenience to bank and pay bills for free any time of the day from anywhere. Our on-line banking provides you with the ability to check account balances, transfer funds and pay your bills. We ensure the highest level of safety and security while working on line.

OOPS Program (Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service)

This service gives you the piece of mind that if your account would be overdrawn, AVB would cover your transactions up to $500.00. This unique service will prevent you from incurring any return check fees resulting from the merchant. This service is subject to certain account requirements.

Direct Deposit

Now you can have the freedom of never waiting in line to deposit your paycheck, social security, pension, interest or dividend check. You will even have the funds available to you that same day.

Switch Kit

If you are looking to switch banks and do not want the hassle, use our free switch kit and let us do the work for you. You will be able to change transactions such as direct deposit, automatic payments and automatic withdrawals.


Click here to download our hassel-free switch kit!

Safe Deposit Boxes

Have the security of knowing your personal items and documents are in safe keeping. We offer various sizes of safe deposit boxes at most of our branches.

Telephone Banking

Don’t have a computer but want the ability to access your account information? No problem! Call into our 24 hour telephone banking. Access the account information you need, when you need it. Transfer funds with just the touch of a button. Make payments to your installment or mortgage loan. To enroll simply call 412-784-8728 and our automated attendant will walk you through the enrollment process, or contact your local branch office.

ID Protection Service

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America today. Sign up today to start protecting your identity. Your personal credit report is constantly monitored and you are alerted via e-mail of any changes to your credit report. You also get $25,000 insurance coverage and comprehensive restoration services should you ever fall victim to identity theft. Visit the site today or ask one of our branches for more information about how this service can be beneficial to you and your family.

Link to ID Protection Service


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