At Allegheny Valley Bank, we are committed to build the most secure technology platform possible in order to keep your personal and business financial information secure.

We know that security and confidentiality are significant issues facing electronic banking and we take all of the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your information.

Please take time to review the pertinent information provide in this section.  

This should provide you much of the information necessary to remain safe during your online or mobile experience; and some recommendations on actions to take should your personal information be compromised.  

Our commitment to security: 

  • AVB Online banking uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect account information as it is transmitted over the internet. This encryption requires the latest versions of browsers, and uses Verisign digital certificate technology. 
  • AVB Online banking automatically enforces a session time-out after 10 minutes, requiring you to sign in again for additional transactions. This will help protect your information in the case that you forget to log out and walk away from your computer. 
  • Allegheny Valley Bank monitors account activity for fraud and abuse. 
  • We utilize the latest hardware and software technologies available to protect data. 
  • We perform regular audits of our information technology systems.
  • If you have any reason to believe your Allegheny Valley Bank account(s) have been compromised, notify your local branch immediately. 

Ultimately, you are the most important component in ensuring the safety of your confidential data.

For more on information security, try some of these websites: